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What’s that smell?

This happened back when my husband and I were first dating. He was spending the night, maybe for the third or fourth time. I woke up from some unsettling dreams and rolled over to cuddle with him.’I had a bad dream,’ I say to him. He rubs my arm a bit and sleepily says, ‘Oh yeah? I’m sorry.’

“You know what makes it better?’ I ask him. ‘Hmmmm?’ I squeeze him a bit tighter and rip a giant fart. I’ve always had problems with that filter that normal people have, that filter that keeps them from doing the things their cave-dwelling ancestors did with impunity. I didn’t think; I just did it. Then I’m mortified!

Suddenly I’m completely awake and aware of the fact that this guy I’ve only been dating for a short time but am really falling for is lying next to me in silence because instead of saying something like, ‘The thing that makes it better is waking up next to you’ I just squeezed him and farted. So much for being ladylike. So mortified.

Then I realized that he’s silent, but that’s because he is laughing so hard. He loved it. I was so relieved. And now, five years later, he’s still putting up with my crude and uncouth behaviors.

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